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Win Awards


Before you apply for an award make sure that your site qualifies and meets the requirments for that award. When you decided which award you want fill out the application and submit it. If you meet the standard for the award you have applied for I will try to e-mail it to you within a week. Also make sure that you remember the number of the award you would like to apply for. Good Luck! ^_^

***Quiz awards are just for show on this page.
To win one of these awards see Quiz Awards below.***

These requirement goes for all awards:

  1. You must meet the requirement for the award you are applying for.
  2. No Hentai!
  3. Your site must not be under so much construction that there is hardly anything there.
  4. Must be Sailor Moon related, unless specified below.
  5. You will win at least one award.
  6. If I applied for an award with your site and my application/request is still pending, you will not be considered for an award. This is only to ensure awards are given in fair exchange.

When you have decided what award you want, fill out the application.

Award Name



Award of Excellence

  • To qualify for this award, Your site must have an excellent design, with good information, and no broken links.
  • Sailor Scout Approved

  • To qualify for this award, your site can be dedicated to any character. The information given within the site must be correct. There should also be no broken links.
  • Award of Romance

  • To qualify for this award, you must have a site dedicated to any couple on Sailor Moon with no broken links. Most commonly used are Usagi and Mamoru, Michiru and Haruka.
  • Quiz Awards

    To learn more click here

    1st Place Winner

    2nd Place Winner

    3rd Place Winner

  • Miss 0 - 3 questions
  • Miss 4 - 6 questions
  • Miss 7 - 8 questions
  • Moon Prisim Power.com
    Studio Kawaii
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