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Sailor Mars


Japanese Name: Hino Rei

Japanese Spelling: 火野レイ

Japanese Name in the US: Rei Hino

US Name: Raye Hino


Birthday: April 17th

Astrological Sign: Aries

Birthstone: Diamond


Junior High School: T.A. Girls School

High School: T.A. Girls School

Favorite Subject: Calligraphy & Literature

Least Favorite Subject: Social Studies

Blood Type: AB

Hobbies: Reading manga, seeing the future, divination, and setting melodies to my poems

Favorite Food: Fugu (puffer fish) and Thai

Least Favorite Food: Canned Asparagus

Favorite Sport: Skiing

Favorite Colors: Black and red

Most Wanted: Animation cel, and a manga signed by a famous manga artist, a photo book of Takarazaka stars

Favorite Fashion: Close fitting, soft and looking one piece dresses

Favorite Place: Deep on the ocean floor

Strong Points: Meditation

Dislikes: Television

Dream: To become a singer, song writer, career woman, chief priestess, and live a good life

Sailor Power: Fire

Quick Fact:
  • Even though Rei and Usagi fight all the time, Rei cares for Usagi a lot. "When two people often argue, they're best friends."
  • Rei's only friends before she met Usagi were the crows, Phobos and Deimos.
  • Transforming Item



    Transformation Pen

    Mars Power Make Up (1.05MB)

  • Fire Soul
  • Rin, Pyo, Tou, Sha, Kai, Jin, Restu, Zai, Zen. Akuryou taisan!
  • Fire Soul Bird (848KB)
  • Transformation Pen

    Mars Star Power Make Up

  • Burning Mandala
  • Crystal Transformation Wand

    Mars Crystal Power Make Up

  • 1st Transformation (2.02MB)
  • (This isn't the ordinal gif image, I took the .AVI and turned it into a .GIF.)

  • 2nd Transformation
  • (This is the ordinal gif image.)

  • 3rd Transformation
  • Mars Flame Sniper (326KB)
  • Moon Prisim Power.com
    Studio Kawaii
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