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Death Busters


Master Pharaoh 90

Name: Master Pharaoh 90

Quick Fact:

  • The Tausaikei rays will guide Pharaoh 90 to the source and the destruction of the world will begin with the appearance of Pharaoh 90 and the entire world will be covered in silence.
  • Pharaoh 90's mission is to destroy the Earth by turning it into a second Tau System, to become their second home.
  • Professor Soichi Tomoe

    Name: Professor Soichi Tomoe

    Quick Fact:

  • The professor is Hotaru's father. Because of his continued radical genetic experiments on laboratory animals, he was expelled from the academic establishment six years ago. He sold his findings to commercial developers and bought the Infinity Bank area.
  • Professor Tomoe is a super being named Gelmaido, he is not a daimon.
  • Tomoe is looking for pure hearts to revive the Messiah of Silence (use messiah in a sentence).
  • Tomoe is a genetic enginer. Tomoe is the owner of Infinity College.
  • Soichi Tomoe is the owner of the Infinity Bank & the Infinity College.
  • Magnus Kaori Night

    Name: Magnus Kaori Knight

    Quick Fact:

  • Kaori Knight's mission is to find those who are carriers of the Three Talismans. She is also the leader of the Witches 5. The Taioron Crystal is the source of their life.
  • Eudial

    Name: Eudial

    Quick Fact:

  • Eudial is the 1st of the Witches 5, Level 78 Death Busters. She is the warrior of fire.
  • Sailor Moon Killed her.
  • Eudial goes by Yuko Arimura, the leader of Good Etiquette in the Philosophy Class at Infinity College.
  • Her mission is gather the vessels and hoste for their master.
  • Mimete

    Name: Mimete

    Quick Fact:

  • Mimete is 2nd of the Witches 5, Level 40 Death Busters.
  • As the teen idol Mimi Hanyu, president of the Acting Class at Infinity College.
  • Attack: Angelic Voice, Charm Buster
  • Uranus and Neptune killed Mimete.
  • Viluy

    Name: Viluy

    Quick Fact:

  • Viluy is 3rd of the Witches 5, Level 202 Death Busters. She goes by Yui Bido from the science class at Infinity College.
  • Viluy goes by the name Yui Bido, the genius girl of Infinity Prep School.
  • Yui Bido is the leader of the Science Class.
  • Attack: Mosaic Buster
  • Uranus killed Viluy.
  • Tellu

    Name: Tellu

    Quick Fact:

  • Tellu is 4th of the Witches 5, Level 404 Death Busters.
  • Tellu goes by Lulu Teruno. Her attack is Mandragora Buster.
  • Cyprine

    Name: Cyprine

    Quick Fact:

  • Cyprine is 5th of the Witches 5, Level 999 Death Busters. She is also the strongest of the Witches 5.
  • Cyprine is on the right and Petite Roll is on the left.
  • Cyprine / Petite Roll were killed by Sailor Moon.
  • Cyprine is the actual witch and when she attacks she produces a twin (Peitite Roll).
  • Cyprine's mission is to eliminate the Sailor Scouts and take their hoste, capture the light close to the Taioron Crystal, and to find and kill Haruka and Michiru.
  • Attack: Ribbon Buster
  • Cyprine, from the Professional Sorcery Class of the Infinity College
  • Mistress 9

    Name: Mistress 9

    Quick Fact:

  • Mistress 9 is actually a daimon egg. Professor Tomoe planted an egg in Hotaru's body. Mistress 9 is Master Pharaoh 90's partner from the old world.
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