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Dark Kingdom


Queen Metallia

Japanese Name: Kuin Metaria (Queen Metallia)

Japanese Spelling: クイン・メタリア

US Name:

Quick Fact:

  • Queen Metallia rules over Queen Beryl.
  • Queen Beryl

    Japanese Name: Kuin Beriru (Queen Beryl)

    Japanese Spelling: クイン・ベリル

    US Name: Queen Beryl

    Quick Fact:

  • Queen Beryl rules over the Four Generals. Queen Beryl has always been in love with Prince Endymion and finally gets him to serve her. She is also trying to restore Queen Metallia.
  • Jedeite

    Japanese Name: Jedaito (Jedeite)

    Japanese Spelling: ジェイダイト

    US Name: Jedeite

    Quick Fact:

  • Jedeite is the 1st General.
  • Nephrite

    Japanese Name: Nefuraito (Nephrite)

    Japanese Spelling: ネフライト

    US Name: Nephlite

    Quick Fact:

  • Nephrite is the 2nd General. After awhile Nephrite starts to fall in love with Naru. Because he has fallen in love with a human he has turned on the Dark Kingdom, so Zoisite kills him.
  • Zoisite

    Japanese Name: Zoisaito (Zoisite)

    Japanese Spelling: ゾイサイト

    US Name: Zoisite

    Quick Fact:

  • Zoisite is the 3rd General. In the Japanese Series Zoisite is actually a boy. So that means that Zoisite and Kunzite are either VERY good friends or they are dating. Queen Beryl wanted Tuxedo Kamen alive, but since he killed him, Queen Beryl killed Zoisite for disobeying her.
  • Kunzite

    Japanese Name: Kuntsuaito (Kunzite)

    Japanese Spelling: クンツァイト

    US Name: Malachite

    Quick Fact:

  • Kunzite is the 4th General. When Queen Beryl turns Prince Endymion to serve the Dark Kingdom Kunzite gets very jealous and Queen Beryl begins to get upset because Kunzite keeps questioning her about her decisions regarding Prince Endymion.
  • Prince Endymion

    Japanese Name: Prince Endymion

    Japanese Spelling:

    US Name:

    Quick Fact:

  • Queen Beryl captured Prince Endymion and erased his mind. His mission was to gather the holders of the rainbow crystals so that they can combine as one.
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