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Tuxedo Kamen


Japanese Name: Chiba Mamoru

Japanese Spelling: 地場衛

Japanese Name in the US: Mamoru Chiba

US Name: Darien Shields

Birthday: August 3rd

Astrological Sign: Leo

College: Azabu Institute of Technology

Favorite Subject: Physics

Blood Type: A

Hobbies: Reading, studying, scolding Usagi for her bad grades, playing with Chibiusa

Favorite Food: Chocolate

Favorite Colors: Black

Special Traits: Sensitive, caring, and funny

Quick Fact:
  • Mamoru is Usagi's love for all eternity.
  • Mamoru lives alone in an apartment in Juubangai. His parents died in a car accident when he was little.
  • Mamoru is also known as King Endymion, Prince Endymion, Prince of the Earth, and Tuxedo Kamen.
  • In Sailor Moon R, he appeared as Tsukikage no Knight.
  • Mamoru went to study overseas in America. On his way there Galaxia attacked the planet was on. She found out that Mamoru had the true star seed of the Earth. She Killed him by taking his star seed. That's Mamoru never reached America, and Usagi never received a letter from him.
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    A Rose


  • Roses
  • A Cane that extends
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