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Sailor Pluto


Name: Sailor Pluto

Birthday: October 29th

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Favorite Subject: Biology

Least Favorite Subject: Music

Blood Type: A

Hobbies: Shopping

Favorite Food: Ocha (green tea)

Least Favorite Food: Eggplant

Favorite Colors: Dark red

Strong Points: Sewing

Dislikes: Cockroaches

Favorite Gemstone: Garnet

Dream: to become a designer

Sailor Power: Time and Revolution

Quick Fact:
  • Sailor Pluto guards the Gate of Time and the Cosmic Time Warp (a old passage that isn't used anymore, it is usually used by Neo Queen Serenity), which allows people to travel through time.
  • Transforming Item






    Time Staff

  • Pluto opens the Gate of Time so the Scouts can travel through the Cosmic Time Warp to the future.
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