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Sailor Chibi Moon


Name: Rini

Birthday: June 30th

Age: "Real age is 902 years old" (Stars Volume 2)

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Birthstone: Moonstone

School: Tenth Elementary School, Crossroad Elementary (Volume 9)

Grade: 2nd (Volume 8)

Favorite Subject: Drawing

Least Favorite Subject: Grammar

Blood Type: O

Hobbies: Collecting Bunny's things

Favorite Food: Pudding

Least Favorite Food: Carrots

Favorite Colors: Red and pink

Special Traits: Begging

Dislikes: Staying home alone

Dream: To become an adult

Quick Fact:

  • Rini is also called Serenity.
  • Sailor Pluto is Rini's best friend.
  • Rini is really 903 years old.
  • Transforming Item




    1. Transformation Broach
      (Transformation Broach w/ Silver Crystal)
    2. (Double Transformation)
      Sacred Cup
    1. Moon Prisim Power Make Up
    2. Crisis Make Up (Sailor Moon Shouts)

    Moon Scepter

    1. Pink Sugar Heart Attack
    2. Rainbow Double Moon Heartache (Both Super Sailor Moon & Super Sailor Chibi Moon)

    Transformation Broach

    Moon Crisis Make Up

    1. (bell)
    2. Chibi Moon Kaleido Scope
    1. Twinkle Yell
    2. Moon Gorgeous Meditation

    Pink Moon Crystal

    Pink Crystal Moon Power Make Up


  • Pink Lady's Freezing Kiss
  • Moon Prisim Power.com
    Studio Kawaii
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