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Friends of the Scouts


Serena's Dad

Name: Dad

Quick Fact:

  • Serena's father.

  • Serena's Mom

    Name: Mom

    Quick Fact:

  • Serena's mother.

  • Sammy

    Name: Sammy

    Quick Fact:

  • Serena's brother.

  • Rini

    Name: Rini

    Birthday: June 30th

    Astrological Sign: Cancer

    Birthstone: Moonstone

    Elementary School: Harbor Elementary (R Series)

    Favorite Subject: Drawing

    Least Favorite Subject: Grammar

    Blood Type: O

    Hobbies: Drawing and collecting Usagi's things

    Favorite Food: Pudding

    Least Favorite Food: Carrots

    Favorite Colors: Red and pink

    Favorite Animal: Bunny Rabbit

    Special Traits: Courageous

    Strong Points: Begging

    Dislikes: She doesn't openly express her emotions staying home alone

    Favorite Gemstone: Diamond

    Dream: To be a lady, just like her mother.

    Quick Fact:

  • Rini lives with Serena and her family. She Fell from the future to save her mother and her kingdom.
  • At the End of the R Series, Wiseman turns Rini against Sailor Moon and the Scouts. She becomes much older and full of hatred (because no one loves her) named Black Lady, Rini is basically Sailor Moon with pink hair, red eyes, and instead of dumplings for hair she has triangles.
  • Rini is also called Small Lady (R Series).
  • Transforming Item






    Luna Ball & Luna P

  • Luna Ball Kitty Magic!
  • ------


    Time Travel Key

  • Crystal key, take me home!
  • Molly

    Name: Molly

    Age: 14

    Junior High School: Crossroads Junior High School

    Quick Fact:

  • Serena's friend. Molly lives with her mother, who owns a jewelry shop.
  • Andrew

    Name: Andrew

    Quick Fact:

  • Andrew is a college student and he works at the Game Center Crown arcade. His girlfriend is Rita.

  • Rita Blake

    Name: Rita Blake

    Quick Fact:

  • Rita is Andrew's girlfriend and they both go to the same college. Rita, was a carrier of a ranbow crystal. She has been thinking about going to Africa to do research and eventually she does go, she wants to be a Biologist.

  • Lizzy

    Name: Lizzy

    Quick Fact:

  • Lizzy is Andrew's little sister and she works in the coffee shop, Fruit Parlor Crown, as a waitress upstairs from the video arcade where Andrew works.

  • Melvin

    Name: Melvin

    Junior High School: Crossroads Junior High School

    Quick Fact:

  • Melvin had crush on Serena, but now he's with Molly. Melvin is very smart and has the top marks in his class.
  • Patricia Haruna

    Name: Patricia Haruna aka Ms Haruna aka Ms H

    Quick Fact:

  • Haruna is Serena, Molly, and Melvin's teacher.

  • Melissa

    Name: Melissa

    Quick Fact:

  • Melissa is Rini's friend.

  • Mika

    Name: Mika

    Quick Fact:

  • Sammy and Mika are in the same class at school. They are friends, but it seem like they are sort of dating.

  • Greg

    Name: Greg

    Junior High School: Crossroads Junior High School (transfer student)

    Quick Fact:

  • On Greg's test his score was higher than Amy's. Greg has a crush on Amy. He is also a carrier of a rainbow crystal and because of this he has the ability to see the future.
  • Chad

    Name: Chad

    Quick Fact:

  • Chad has a crush on Reye and has tried to protect her from the monster. He lives at the shrine and is being trained by Reye's grandpa. Chad's parents are rich and have a cabin in the mountains, that's were they stay when they go skiing.
  • Chad is a struggling muscician.
  • Moonlight Knight

    Name: Moonlight Knight

    Quick Fact:

  • When the Moonlight Knight makes his appearance, in a strange choice of words he helps the Sailor Soldiers. Then, when everything is taken care of, he leaves. The Moonlight Knight is apart of Darien's mind and when Darien no longer has the strength to sustain the Moonlight Knight, they become one again.

  • Queen Serenity

    Name: Queen Serenity

    Quick Fact:

  • Ruler of the Moon Kingdom and Princess Serena's mother.

  • King of the Earth

    Name: King of the Earth

    Quick Fact:

  • Ruler of the 30th century Crystal Tokyo. Small Lady's father.

  • Neo Queen Serenity

    Name: Neo Queen Serenity

    Quick Fact:

  • Ruler of the 30th century Crystal Tokyo. Small Lady's mother.

  • Small Lady

    Name: Small Lady

    Quick Fact:

  • Princess of the 30th century Crystal Tokyo and she is also known as Rini.

  • Prince Darien

    Name: Prince Darien

    Quick Fact:

  • Protector of the Earth and Princess Serena's boyfriend.

  • Princess Serena

    Name: Princess Serena

    Quick Fact:

  • Princess of the Moon and Prince Darien's girlfriend.
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