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Sailor Chibi Moon


Japanese Name: Tsukino Chibiusa

Japanese Spelling: 月野ちびうさ

Japanese Name in the US: Chibiusa Tsukino

US Name: Rini Tsukino

Birthday: June 30th

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Birthstone: Moonstone

Elementary School: Tenth District Elementary (R Series)

Favorite Subject: Drawing

Least Favorite Subject: Grammar

Blood Type: O

Hobbies: Drawing and collecting Usagi's things

Favorite Food: Pudding

Least Favorite Food: Carrots

Favorite Colors: Red and pink

Favorite Animal: Bunny Rabbit

Special Traits: Courageous

Strong Points: Begging

Dislikes: She doesn't openly express her emotions staying home alone

Favorite Gemstone: Diamond

Dream: To be a lady, just like her mother.

Sailor Power: Sailor Chibi Moon holds the power of the moon, love, and justice

Quick Fact:

  • Chibiusa lives with Usagi and her family. She Fell from the future to save her mother and her kingdom. Future Crystal Tokyo is saved and Chibiusa is sent home. She returns around age 11 to receive Sailor Senshi training.
  • At the End of the R Series, Wiseman turns Chibiusa against Sailor Moon and the Senshi. She becomes much older and full of hatred (because no one loves her) named Black Lady, Chibiusa is basically Sailor Moon with pink hair, red eyes, and instead of dumplings for hair she has triangles.
  • Chibiusa is also called Usagi Tsukino (R Series).
  • Transforming Item






    Luna P

  • Luna P Change!
  • ------


    Key of Time

  • Listen, Guardian of time and space! Open up the gates and lead me the way into the future!
  • ------


    Silver Crystal

  • Moon Crystal Power
  • Chibi Moon Compact

    Moon Prism Power Make Up

  • 1st Transformation
  • Very short with swirling hearts

  • 2nd Transformation
  • Pink Moon Stick

  • Pink Sugar Heart Attack
  • Crisis Moon Compact

    Moon Crisis Make Up

    Crystal Carllion

  • Twinkle Yell
  • Moon Prisim Power.com
    Studio Kawaii
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