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Japanese Name: Kisenian

Japanese Spelling:

Quick Fact:

  • Kisenian is an evil flower that wants to take the energy from all of the stars. It's a normal flower that is unable to do anything, so it needs someone to work for it. It prays upon those with weak minds and turns them to hatred, then it demonstrates its power.
  • Fiore

    Japanese Name: Fiore

    Japanese Spelling: フィオレ

    Quick Fact:

  • "I don't know where I was born. I was just roaming around in space. I was tired by the time I reached your planet. When I saw you, I understood. You were calling to me and we were no longer lonely. But I was not able to stay with you. I can't live too long on Earth. After traveling to many planets, finally, I found the perfect flower for you. Once I found the Kisenian flower I realized that I must kill all of the people on Earth that never cared for you." ~ Fiore
  • Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Moon saved Fiore from the Kisenian and as he promised he gave Mamoru a flower, that flower contained his life energy. He asked Tuxedo Kamen if he would give it to Sailor Moon to save her life in gratitude for saving his.
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