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Tuxedo Kamen


Name: Darien Shields

Age: 17-18? (pg. 122)

Birthday: August 3rd

Astrological Sign: Leo

School: Azabu High School, KO University (1st year Med. student (Volume 1, SuperS))

Grade: 11th

Favorite Subject: Physics

Favorite Colors: Black

Power: He is psychometry, he can feel all sorts of things just by touching something. Not only can he put out aura power from his fingertips to read something, he can use that pwer to heal someone or even attack them.

Quick Fact:

  • Darien lives alone in an apartment in Azabu. His parents died in a car accident on his 6th birthday.
  • Darien is the smartest guy that they have ever had at Azabu Junior High and he's good at sports too.
  • Azabu is a Junior High and a High School combined.
  • Raye hates men (page 154, Volume 1, SuperS)
  • In the Stars volume, Darien is going to study in the US at Harvard.
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