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Black Moon


Death Phantom

Japanese Name: Death Phantom

Japanese Spelling:

US Name: Doom Phantom

Quick Fact:

  • Once the Supreme Ruler (Death Phantom) of the universe has his power he will eliminate all life from the universe and he will rule the universe, not Prince Demando.
  • The Death Phantom never takes a shape, they either showed the Dark Crystal with his voice or a shadow.
  • Wiseman

    Japanese Name: Wiseman

    Japanese Spelling:

    US Name: Wiseman

    Quick Fact:

  • Wiseman's plan is to open the Dark Gate and release the Death Phantom so he can turn the universe into darkness. He uses Prince Demando and the others to establish the Dark Gate.
  • Prince Demando

    Japanese Name: Prince Demando

    Japanese Spelling:

    US Name: Prince Diamond

    Quick Fact:

  • Prince Demando, leader of the Black Moon. Prince Demando thought that Wiseman was trying to help the Black Clan reach their goal, which was to change Earth's history in revenge for their forefathers that were banished from earth and forced onto Nemesis (10th planet from the sun).
  • Rubeus

    Japanese Name: Rubiusu (Rubeus)

    Japanese Spelling: ルベウス

    US Name: Rubeus

    Quick Fact:

  • He came from the 30th century looking for the rabbit (Chibiusa) and the silver crystal.
  • Cooan

    Japanese Name: Cöan (Cooan)

    Japanese Spelling: コーアン

    US Name: Catzi

    Quick Fact:

  • Cooan is the youngest of the four sisters. Her attack is dark fire
  • Berche

    Japanese Name: Biruche (Berche)

    Japanese Spelling: ベルチェ

    US Name: Bertie

    Quick Fact:

  • Berche is the 3rd oldest of the four sisters. Her attack is dark water.
  • Karaberas

    Japanese Name: Karabirasu (Karaberas)

    Japanese Spelling: カラベラス

    US Name: Avery

    Quick Fact:

  • Karaberas is the 2nd oldest of the four sisters. She uses a whip for her attack.
  • Petz

    Japanese Name: Petsu (Petz)

    Japanese Spelling: ペッツ

    US Name: Prizma

    Quick Fact:

  • Petz is the oldest of the four sisters. Her attack is dark thunder. Petz is also in love with Safiiru.
  • Esmerodo

    Japanese Name: Esmerodo

    Japanese Spelling:

    US Name: Emerald

    Quick Fact:

  • Because Esmerodo was so envious that Prince Demando loved Neo Queen Serenity, she asked Wiseman to give her the power of the Dark Crystal to end the war and destroy Sailor Moon. He gives her the power of the Dark Crystal and once she takes the power, Wiseman takes her life.
  • Safiiru

    Japanese Name: Safiiru

    Japanese Spelling:

    US Name: Sapphire

    Quick Fact:

  • Safiiru overheard Wiseman's plan. Once Wiseman knew that Safiiru knew his plan he set out to kill Safiiru before he could tell his brother, Prince Demando. That's when Wiseman labeled Safiiru as a traitor and tried to turn Prince Demando on him. Safiiru also removed the energy panel from the crystal, stopping it's energy production. As Safiiru was trying to tell Prince Demando about Wiseman, Wiseman killed him.
  • Black Lady

    Japanese Name: Black Lady

    Japanese Spelling:

    US Name: Wicked Lady

    Quick Fact:

  • Chibiusa was kidnapped by Wiseman. Once Wise Man saw the power that she released he figured that she would be a big help in opening the Dark Gate. Wise Man gave Chibiusa the power of the Dark Crystal and brainwashed her into believing that no one loved her and she was all alone. After her transformation she is now known as the Queen of Darkness, Black Lady.
  • Transforming Item





    Black Lady

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