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Sailor Uranus


Japanese Name: Tenou Haruka

Japanese Spelling: 天王はるか

Japanese Name in the US: Haruka Tenou

US Name: Amara Tenou (Given by CWI)

Birthday: January 27th

Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Grade: 1st year student

High School: Mugen Gakuen High School

Favorite Subject: PE

Least Favorite Subject: Modern History

Blood Type: B

Hobbies: Driving

Favorite Food: Salad

Least Favorite Food: Natto (Fermented soybeans)

Favorite Sport: Car Racing

Favorite Colors: Gold

Special Traits: Strong and courageous

Strong Points: Racing

Dislikes: Making confessions of love. Popular men.

Dream: To be the top racing driver in the world

Sailor Power: Wind and Sky

Quick Fact:

  • According to Uranus and Neptune, Sailor Moon is the true Messiah. Before Uranus and Neptune departed they had to challenge Sailor Moon. They were grateful that Sailor Moon showed her great power at the last second and therefore they felt that the princess was as good as they suspected. Uranus and Neptune have completed their mission, they found the true Messiah and the earth was saved.
  • "Those days I wanted to be like the wind, escaping the force of gravity and disappearing into the sky. I wanted to make myself like that.
  • In any kind of sports nobody could beat me.
  • I was not ready to accept being a soldier, because I knew that once I did, everything would change.
  • And then I choose this way. More correctly. I just accepted the fact that I am sailor soldier." ~ Haruka
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    Space Sword

  • World Shaking
  • Space Sword Blaster
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