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Sailor Star Healer


Japanese Name: Kou Yaten

Japanese Spelling: 夜天光

Japanese Name in the US: Yaten Kou

Grade: 1st year, class 1

High School: Tenth Street High School

Favorite Sport: None, because he doesn't like the smell of sweat

Strong Points: Is faithful to their princess

Dislikes: Love letters, because he can't believe them. The fans don't know their true figures so how can they say they like them. He also dislikes Cultural Clubs.

Quick Fact:
  • Yaten is Sailor Star Healer
  • Yaten is a member of the idol group, Three Lights (スリーライツ)
  • They became idols to find their princess, hopping that their message would reach her
  • Yaten is actually a female, but disguises as a male idol on earth to find their princess
  • "Our planet was destroyed by Galaxia. Our last hope, out princess escaped Galaxia and headed for Earth. Following her we have arrived on this rural planet" ~ Seiya
  • Transforming Item





    Although I really wonder if the headset is their transforming item, because there have been a couple scenes where the Starlights go to pull a two winged item from their pocket before they transform. The whole item is not shown, which leads me to believe that their transforming item is either the broach they wear or the item the use in their attacks. The reason I say their transforming item must be one of these two is because their headset only has one wing on it, where ass these have two wings on it and these are the only items shown that the Starlights have. I'm pretty sure that it's the broach.

    Healer Star Power Make Up

  • 1st Transformation
  • 2nd Transformation
  • Star Sensitive Inferno
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