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Friends of the Scouts


Tsukino Kenji

Japanese Name: Tsukino Kenji

Japanese Spelling: 月野謙之

Japanese Name in the US: Kenji Tsukino

US Name:

Quick Fact:

  • Usagi's father.
  • Tsukino Ikuko

    Japanese Name: Tsukino Ikuko

    Japanese Spelling: 月野育子

    Japanese Name in the US: Ikuko Tsukino

    US Name:

    Quick Fact:

  • Usagi's mother.
  • Tsukino Shingo

    Japanese Name: Tsukino Shingo

    Japanese Spelling: 月野進悟

    Japanese Name in the US: Shingo Tsukino

    US Name: Sammy

    Quick Fact:

  • Usagi's brother.
  • Osaka Naru

    Japanese Name: Osaka Naru

    Japanese Spelling: 大阪なる

    Japanese Name in the US: Naru Osaka

    US Name: Molly

    Birthday: January 1st

    Astrological Sign: Capricorn

    Junior High School: Juuban Junior High School

    Quick Fact:

  • Usagi's friend. Naru lives with her mother, who owns a jewelry shop named Osa-P, in Juubangai. She is also dating Umino.
  • Furuhata Motoki

    Japanese Name: Furuhata Motoki

    Japanese Spelling: 古幡元基

    Japanese Name in the US: Motoki Furuhata

    US Name: Andrew Kadison

    Quick Fact:

  • Motoki is a college student and he works at the Crown (クラウン (kuraun)) arcade. His girlfriend is Reika.
  • Reika

    Japanese Name: Reika

    Japanese Spelling:

    Japanese Name in the US:

    US Name: Rita Blake

    Quick Fact:

  • Reika is Motoki's girlfriend and they both go to the same college. Reika, she was a carrier of a rainbow crystal. She has been thinking about going to Africa to do research and eventually she does go, she wants to be an archaeologist. Her studies have been accepted to the faculty, she has gotten recommendations to go to one of the European universities to continue studying.
  • Furuhata Unazuki

    Japanese Name: Furuhata Unazuki

    Japanese Spelling: 古幡宇奈月

    Japanese Name in the US: Unazuki Furuhata

    US Name: Liz Kadison

    Junior High School: T.A. Girls School

    Quick Fact:

  • Unazuki is Motoki's sister and she works in the coffee shop, Fruit Parlor Crown, as a waitress upstairs from the video arcade where Motoki works.
  • Gurio Umino

    Japanese Name: Gurio Umino

    Japanese Spelling: ぐりお海野

    Japanese Name in the US: Umino Gurio

    US Name: Melvin

    Junior High School: Juuban Junior High School

    Quick Fact:

  • Umino had crush on Usagi, but now he's with Naru. Umino is very smart and has the top marks in his class.
  • Sakurda Haruna

    Japanese Name: Sakurda Haruna

    Japanese Spelling: 桜田春菜先生

    Japanese Name in the US: Haruna Sakurda

    US Name: Ms. Haruna

    Quick Fact:

  • Haruna is Usagi, Naru, and Umino's teacher.
  • Mamoko

    Japanese Name: Mamoko

    Japanese Spelling:

    US Name: Melissa

    Quick Fact:

  • Mamoko is Chibiusa's friend.
  • Kayama Mika

    Japanese Name: Kayama Mika

    Japanese Spelling: 香山みか

    Japanese Name in the US: Mika Kayama

    US Name: Mika

    Quick Fact:

  • Shingo and Mika are in the same class at school. They are friends, but it seem like they are sort of dating.
  • Urawa Ryo

    Japanese Name: Urawa Ryo

    Japanese Spelling:

    Japanese Name in the US: Ryo Urawa

    US Name: Greg

    Junior High School: Juuban Junior High School (transfer student)

    Quick Fact:

  • On Ryo's test his score was higher than Ami's. Ryo has a crush on Ami. He is also a carrier of a rainbow crystal and because of this he has the ability to see the future.
  • Kumada Yuuichirou

    Japanese Name: Kumada Yuuichirou

    Japanese Spelling: 熊田雄一郎

    Japanese Name in the US: Yuuichirou Kumada

    US Name: Chad

    Quick Fact:

  • Yuuichirou has a crush on Rei and has tried to protect her from the monster. He lives at Hikawa Shrine and is being trained by Rei's grandpa. Yuuichirou's parents are rich and have a cabin in the mountains, that's were they stay when they go skiing.
  • Yuuichirou saw Haruka and Rei together and thought that they were dating. Later he sees Haruka with Michiru and now he thinks that Haruka is a player. He finally meets up with Haruka and challenges her, she has not a clue to why he is attacking her. Little did Yuuichiou know that Haruka is a female.
  • Moonlight Knight

    Japanese Name: Moonlight Knight

    Japanese Spelling: Tsukikage no Knight

    US Name: Moonlight Knight

    Quick Fact:

  • When the Moonlight Knight makes his appearance, in a strange choice of words he helps the Sailor Soldiers. Then, when everything is taken care of, he says "Adieu" and leaves.
  • Queen Serenity

    Japanese Name: Kuin Sereniti (Queen Serenity)

    Japanese Spelling: クイン・セレニティ

    Japanese Name in the US:

    US Name: Queen Serenity

    Quick Fact:

  • Ruler of the Moon Kingdom, Princess Serenity's mother.
  • King Endymion

    Japanese Name: Kingu Endimion (King Endymion)

    Japanese Spelling: キング・エンディミオン

    Japanese Name in the US:

    US Name: King of the Earth

    Quick Fact:

  • Ruler of the 30th century Crystal Tokyo. Small Lady's father.
  • Neo Queen Serenity

    Japanese Name: Neo Kuin Sereniti (Neo Queen Serenity)

    Japanese Spelling: ネオ・クィーン・セレニティ

    Japanese Name in the US:

    US Name: Neo Queen Serenity

    Quick Fact:

  • Ruler of the 30th century Crystal Tokyo. Small Lady's mother.
  • Small Lady

    Japanese Name: Sum_ru Rad_ (Small Lady)

    Japanese Spelling: スモール・レディー

    Japanese Name in the US:

    US Name: Small Lady

    Quick Fact:

  • Princess of the 30th century Crystal Tokyo.
  • Prince Endymion

    Japanese Name: Prince Endymion

    Japanese Spelling:

    Japanese Name in the US:

    US Name: Prince Darien

    Quick Fact:

  • Protector of the Earth and Princess Serenity's boyfriend.
  • Princess Serenity

    Japanese Name: Purinsesu Sereniti (Princess Serenity)

    Japanese Spelling: プリンセス・セレニティ

    Japanese Name in the US:

    US Name: Princess Serena

    Quick Fact:

  • Princess of the Moon and Prince Endymion's girlfriend.
  • Fireball Princess

    Japanese Name: Princess Kakyu

    Japanese Spelling:

    Quick Fact:

  • Chibi Chibi kept the Fireball Princess' incense burner safe and during that time she was watching Usagi through the burner. When she meets Usagi she tells her the story of the Holy War from a long time ago that engulfed the galaxy, she tells her everything about the Sailor Wars.
  • "Sailor Soldiers are born of stars and planets. They've been fighting since the creation of the galaxy against those who infringe on peace. Until at last, the origin of evil throughout the galaxy, Chaos was defeated and sealed by the legendary strongest Sailor Soldier. However after a long period of time Chaos as appeared again in the galaxy. Galaxia is trying to steal all the star seeds and bring the whole galaxy back into chaos. We still have a chance. If we can get the Light of Hope that the legendary soldier has left.
  • The reason I came to this planet secretly was to find that power. If we can't find the Light of Hope we can't seal Chaos."
  • The Fireball Princess didn't appear when she hear the Three Light's song, because if she did and Galaxia found her it would have been the end of everything.
  • Galaxia killed the Fireball Princess by taking her star seed, because she tried to wake up the power in order to defeat Galaxia. ~ Fireball Princess
  • Elios

    Japanese Name: Elios

    Japanese Spelling:

    Quick Fact:

  • Elios was captured by the people of the Dead Moon, at that moment he saw a light, a light from a beautiful dream (the only dream left). Being led to the light, he changed into Pegasus and followed the light.
  • From Illusion, the world where Elios lives, he watches over people's dreams on Earth and protects the Golden Crystal.
  • Pegasus

    Japanese Name: Pegasus

    Japanese Spelling:

    Japanese Name in the US:

    Quick Fact:

  • Pegasus is the mind / soul of Elios.
  • Pegasus's mission is to find the person who can unleash the power of the Golden Crystal, if he doesn't both Earth and Illusion will be ruined by the Dead Moon. Once the power of the Golden Crystal is released the Dead Moon can be sealed back into the world of darkness.
  • Illusion is supported by the power of people's beautiful dreams. However, one day they suddenly came looking for the Golden Crystal. If the Golden Crystal falls into their hands not only Illusion, but everything on Earth will turn into a world of darkness.
  • Pegasus could always talk to Chibiusa using the Stallion Stable.
  • In this world Pegasus would loose his energy immediately and die. However there is only one way he could survive in this world and that is to hide himself into someone's beautiful dream.
  • As long as people abandon their dreams the Golden Crystal will not shine.
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