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Sailor Saturn


Name: Hotaru Tomoe

Birthday: January 6th

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Grade: 6th (Elementary Division)

School: Infinity College

Favorite Subject: World History

Least Favorite Subject: PE

Blood Type: AB

Hobbies: Reading & collecting lamps

Favorite Food: Nihon soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles)

Least Favorite Food: Milk

Favorite Colors: Violet

Special Traits: Healing Wounds

Dislikes: Marathons

Dream: to become a nurse

Power: Destruction and Rebirth

Quick Fact:

  • Hotaru's mom died in the fire on Infinity Bank, her mother's name was Keiko and she was 32 years old. Hotaru was 8 years old at the time, she was also in the fire, she was in critical condition.
  • When the three talismans are brought together they become the key to awaken Sailor Saturn, the last Sailor Scout from the forbidden planet and the one who must never be awakened.She is the one with the blessing of Saturn, the planet of destruction. The scout of silence and the guide to death.
  • Transforming Item





    Hotaru turns into Mistress 9





    Silence Glaive

  • Death Reborn Revolution
  • Saturn Crystal

    Saturn Planet Power Make Up

    Silence Glaive

  • Silence Wall
  • Silence Glaive Suprise
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