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Guardian Cats



Japanese Name: Aretemisu (Artemis)

Spelling in Japanese: アルテミス

US Name: Artemis

Quick Fact:
  • Artemis is Sailor Venus's guardian cat. He is also the future father of Diana.
  • Luna

    Japanese Name: Runa (Luna)

    Spelling in Japanese: ルナ

    US Name: Luna

    Quick Fact:
  • She is also the guardian cat of Sailor Moon. She is also the future mother of Diana.
  • Another one of Luna's duties is to make Usagi into a great queen.
  • Diana

    Japanese Name: Daiana (Diana)

    Spelling in Japanese: ダイアナ

    Quick Fact:
  • Diana Lives in the 30th century with Sailor Chibi Moon. Like Sailor Chibi Moon, Diana comes to the 20th century and shocks Artemis and Luna.
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