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Sailor Jupiter


Japanese Name: Kino Makoto

Japanese Spelling: 木野まこと

Japanese Name in the US: Makoto Kino

US Name: Lita Kino

Birthday: December 5th

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Birthstone: Turquoise

Grade: 1st year, class 1 (Sailor Stars Series)

Junior High School: Juuban Junior High School

High School: Tenth Street High School (Sailor Stars Series)

Favorite Subject: Home Economics

Least Favorite Subject: Biology

Blood Type: O

Hobbies: Cooking, Sewing, & shopping

Favorite Food: Cherry pie and meat loaf

Least Favorite Food: None

Favorite Sport: Ballet, basketball, ice-skating, and dancing

Favorite Colors: Pink and green

Most Wanted: My policy is to get anything I want myself; but, I'd like to have a real power to protect the world as a sailor scout

Favorite Fashion: Sporty and casual

Favorite Place: Rome, the capital of Italy

Favorite Animal: Tropical fish, dogs, and cats

Strong Points: Cooking

Dislikes: Airplanes

Dream: To be a confectioner florist and a bride

Sailor Power: Thunder

Quick Fact:

  • Shimozaki is Makoto's childhood friend. He tries to save Makoto from the lion cardian and in the process he gets hurt. He needs to have a blood transfusion and the hospital's blood supply is low. Since Makoto has the same blood type as Shinogaki she offers to donate her blood. Also in her time of distress Shinogaki was there.
  • Transforming Item



    Transformation Pen

    Jupiter Power Make Up

  • Supreme Thunder
  • Supreme Thunder Dragon (1.01MB)
  • Transformation Pen

    Jupiter Star Power Make Up

  • Sparkling Wide Pressure
  • Crystal Transformation Wand

    Jupiter Crystal Power Make Up

  • 1st Transformation (1.08MB)
  • This isn't the original gif image, I took the .AVI and turned it into a .GIF.

  • 2nd Transformation
  • Super Supreme Thunder
  • Jupiter Oak Evolution
  • Moon Prisim Power.com
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